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Christmas Trees

Please note, we only buy premium trees from our wholesalers ensuring you get the trees with the nicest shapes and the bushiest foliage. All our trees are displayed on stands so you can see your tree before you buy.


Win a 'free' tree

Height measurement of trees. 

Our trees are measured in the traditional fashion: From butt to halfway up the terminal leader.

 So please be aware when choosing a tree as some places have changed their method of height measurement  to  the butt to tip method

Our Trees

Nordmann Fir:  Prices
3/5 ft £34

5/6 ft £48

6/7 ft £55

150/175 cm Potted - £48


Norway Spruce:  Prices

150/175 cm Potted - £45

Norway Spruce  
The Norway spruce continues to be a popular choice in the UK and is the traditional species for the British Christmas tree. It is the species you will find erected in Trafalgar Square and 10 Downing Street each year. It has the triangular shape, dark green needles, and a distinctive 'pine' fragrance. The bushy shape is excellent for decorating. 

Nordmann Fir 
The Nordmann Fir has gained popularity in recent years due to it's good needle retention qualities and ability to look good throughout the festivities. The non-drop variety retains the needles longer than Norway Spruce. It has soft, deep green foliage, and a good triangular shape. The needles are soft to the touch. It tends to be slightly more open and less dense than the Norway Spruce.

No time to shop for a tree?
Then take advantage of our delivery service -for a charge of £5 we will personally deliver your tree for you.

Christmas tree stands

Available in red and green.

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